The Inside Story Newsletter 2

Having just celebrated Women’s Day, it seems appropriate to quote American author and educator Erica Jong, who said, 'If you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.’


This could apply equally to the current investment climate and investors’ concerns over the tapering of the USA’s bond buying programme. We trust though that clients are choosing to maintain a certain level of risky assets within their portfolios in order to grow their wealth over the long term. 

In this issue, Flux Trends founder Dion Chang shows how new ways of providing for the needs of customers have become the order of the day – coupled with speed. Regular contributor Matthew Lester demystifies the new tax deduction rules for contributions to retirement funds, which take effect in March next year.  

You can also read more on our recent initiatives – the Glacier by Sanlam Storms River Traverse mountain-biking event and the artisanal bread-baking day held in Durban. Preparations are well underway for our Cape Town events (bread-baking with TASTE in September and [THE INSIDERS] discussion forum with TIME in October).  

Here’s to a month of taking at least one calculated risk.

Anton Raath
Chief Executive: Glacier by Sanlam